Three ways of making a healthy breakfast

healthy-breakfast(2)There are a lot of people skipping breakfast in the morning. Bad idea! Eating in the morning doesn’t only makes your stomach start to work, but it also provides energy for you brains during the day. You simply cannot lose weight by skipping breakfast.

So skipping breakfast isn’t healthy at all! Here are some tips and tricks for you to have sufficient energy for the rest of the day and still having not to many calories. You’ll see they are all simple and healthy.

Day one

Start the day with a slice of bread. If you want this breakfast to fit in your diet program, you’ll have to buy a whole wheat bread. You can also use a toasted broad. You’d better not use butter, but you can spread two spoons of peanut butter on your toast. A cup of tea is a great low-calorie drink to start the day.

Day two

You can start this day again with a piece of fruit. This time, you can eat half a banana. Again you can eat a slice of bread (whole wheat) or a piece of toast. You can also have a  boiled egg. Green tea or a warm cup of coffee is always a great way for starting the day.

Day three

If you have some fresh fruits at home, you can make an outstanding fruit-muesli. Just take a bowl, poor in about 100-150 grams of a low-calorie muesli and poor over with skim milk. Cut some strawberries and a kiwi into pieces put them over the muesli. This is a breakfast you can make in three minutes and it’s simple, tasty and healthy.


Now you know how you can make a healthy breakfast, you can start to experiment yourself. Have a piece of fruit or make a delicious fruit-muesli. From time to time you can have a hard or soft boiled egg. One slice of whole wheat bread is the best way to have a worthy breakfast with few calories. And last but not least, don’t worry about a cup of tea more or less. Tea is always healthy unless you exaggerate. Have fun and let us know what you eat for breakfast.

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