Three low-calorie cocktails

Are you tired of skipping a good, cold, tasty cocktail because of your diet program? Here are some low-calorie cocktails everybody will love. They are all under 300 calories and one is even under 100. So lets learn about them, try them out and let us know what you think about it!


Margarita cocktail (150 calories)

This simple Mexican cocktail is both delicious and easy to make. All you need is a lemon, some salt, ice, 1/2 of white tequila, 1/4 triple sec. and 1/4 lemon juice. If you want your glass to be good looking, you can rub a piece of lemon on the borders of a chilled glass and put it upside down in some salt. Poor in the mixture in the glass and serve with some ice cubes and a piece of lemon.



Strawberry Piña Colada (250 calories)Strawberry Piña Colada

This cocktail probably has the most calories. But you have to admit: everybody loves a good Piña Colada. But fortunately, there is a lot of sugar and coconut juice in this beverage and so it doesn’t fit in your dieting program. You can solve this problem by using rum flavored with coconut. This way, you can cut at least 300 calories, and you still have more or less the taste of the well known coconut beverage. Poor some flavored rum, some agave syrup and some strawberries in a mixer. Mix them up and put them in a glass with ice. That’s all you have to do! Quick, simple and few calories, isn’t it great?



shochu-cosmopolitanShochu Cosmopolitan (70 calories)

Just by replacing the vodka in a cosmopolitan, you can create a healthier beverage. You can replace it by Shochu, a Japonese beverage with a smooth taste. When served with lemon juice, orange juice and some splashes of cranberry juice, you’ll really have an outstanding beverage with very few calories.



Now you know how easily you can make a beverage with very few calories. Serve this drinks to your friends and they’ll love it. So try them out, lets us know what you think about it and comment if you have other suggestions. Have fun drinking without worrying about consuming too many calories!

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