20 skinny rules

For those who want to be skinny but don’t know how, Bob Harper came up with some rules. He named them the 20 skinny rules. He describes them in his book and has based him on his experience with real-life situations. However, Bob says these rules will only work if you follow them up correctly without exceptions. They would also be non-negotiable. So if you really want them to work for you, Bob says you’ll have to follow them up right and correctly. So here they are:

  1. Drink a large glass of water BEFORE Every meal-No Excuses
  2. Don’t Drink Your Calories
  3. Eat Protien at EVERY Meal -or stay hungry & grouchy!
  4. Slash Your Intake of Refined Flours & Grains
  5. Eat 30-50 grams of FIBER per day!
  6. Eat Apples & Berries Every single day- Yes, EVERY-SINGLE-DAY!
  7. NO Carbs after Lunch ( eat ‘lean & green’ at night)
  8. Learn to Read Food Labels so You know what you are eating!
  9. Stop Guessing about Portion Size & Getit Right-for good!
  10. No more added sweetners-including artificial ones!
  11. Get rid of White potatoes!
  12. Make one day a week Meatless
  13. Get rid of Fast foods & fried foods
  14. Eat a REAL breakfast
  15. Make Your own food and eat at least ten meals a week at home
  16. Banish High Salt Foods
  17. Eat Your Vegetables-(no excuses)- Just DO it!
  18. Go to bed hungry!
  19. Sleep Right
  20. Plan one splurge MEAL per week

(Harper, B. The skinny rules.)

I’m not going to tell you they all work, but at least you can try them out. Personally, I don’t think they are all good. Going to bed hungry for example isn’t a good argument get rid off your overweight. Dieting after all, isn’t about eating less, it’s about eating healthier.

There are definitely also some good arguments. The glass water before every meal may be a good trick for you to eat less. A veggie-day once a week, is always good and getting rid of fast foods is an absolute must! I already wrote about having a real breakfast and sleeping right is also very good for stomach. If you go to sleep and get up every day at the same time, your stomach can built up a regular cycle.

I don’t know if they will help you, but I think most of them are at least worthwhile. If you have already tried them out, let us know what your experiences were and if it really helped you.

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